Augmented sport games


A set of sensor to apply to your snowboard, bike, skateboard, ecc.. that recognize tricks, speed, location, ecc.. and upload them to internet. A website will keep track of the cool spot where people practices every sport. For each spot, a ranking will be available. The idea is that when you go to a spot, e.g. a sky-slope, you check if someone already recorded some scores on that location. If present, you can challenge that scores with more difficult tricks, faster speed, new locations, ecc…

Trick will be detected through accelerometer, gps, ecc.. Images and sound can be added to automatically to each trick. The sensor should be shock-proof, water-proof and should have different adapters in order to be mounted to bikes, snowboards, surf, skate, ecc..

Possible clients

gopro, redbull, nike



Skataviz, skateboard tricks visualizer

From the new audi e-bike press (Link): Tony Hawk ride (link) Nike + Recon instruments Adidas miCoach

Other gamification using sensors

Heiniken bottles

Link for prototyping

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